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I joined a gym.  Apparently I really needed to do that.

We went today for the first time.  I did pretty well, but I'm clueless.  Chris led me around pretty well and I tried a few different things.  I didn't leave the gym feeling like dead weight, I was actually kind of pumped.  That excites me.  We go in and while I'm making dinner, he showers and weights himself.  Then he goes up and makes a chart for us to track everything.  After dinner, I shower and weigh myself.  First time I've been weighted in at least 4 months, maybe a little longer.  And I wanted to cry.

194.5 lbs

I haven't been this big in a long time.  I HATE this.  I'm trying to keep my diabetes in control, which means more insulin, which puts weight on me so fucking easily.  Hey, why not eat better???  One thing at a damn time, please.  I'm trying.  We're broke, my food stamps are down to nothing and my unemployment is still up in the air, and we just won't be able to afford all the snacks and shit.

At my lightest, when I went into DKA, I weighed in at the hospital at 129 lbs.  My husband missed my boobs, my mom said my butt was gone, and the rest of my family thought I had an eating disorder.  So me at a size 5 is too skinny.  I'm aiming for maybe 150ish.  So, 45 lbs.  That sounds like soooooooo much.  It's kind of scary.

So, I'm going to try and make myself accountable.  So hopefully you will see progressively lower numbers here each week.  Hopefully.

And for reference, here I am in Dec 03, 6 months before I went into the hospital.  I think I weighed somewhere between 140-150.

Here I am literally a month after I went into the hospital.  I had gained 5 pounds.

And this was us in September

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The universe does not want me to have my free $25.  Ugh.

I got an email coupon from CVS for a $25 gift card with a transferred prescription.  Perfect!  I was about to need some refills.  I also had a $10 coupon from Target for a new or transferred scrip.  When I went to the doc for my sinus infection, I had her send in scrips for all of my supplies, even though I didn't need all of it right then.  So, I had Lantus and syringes on hold at Meijer.

I had my Lantus transferred to Target, since it was technically new, so I could very definitely use my coupon.  No problem there!  I had my Humalog transferred to CVS, since I had already filled it before and it would definitely be a refill.  But, there's a problem.  No refills.  WTF?  I had only filled it once.  My idiot PA had given me no refills on my most used drug.  And, she had very clearly told me to come back in 3 months, so it's not like she wrote me a scrip and wanted me to come back.  Everything else had 5 refills on it.  So, I had the pharmacy at Meijer request a refill and just had it filled there.  Attempt number one at using the coupon had failed.

A week later, I'm almost out of syringes, so I decide I will try and use my coupon again.  I get the scrip transferred to CVS, but there's a problem.  My idiot PA wrote me for 30 syringes.  That's one per day.  Now, ok, I admit I reuse syringes.  However, no doctor has EVER written a scrip with that in mind.  And, as me and my doctor had been talking about ways for me to save money with my scrips, why the hell would she write me for that???  I walked away without my syringes and a second unsuccessful attempt at using my damn coupon.

Finally, my syringe scrip is corrected, but one of the nurses at the office obviously did not fully read my request and sent it back to Meijer.  Doesn't surprise me much because this woman was the retard that continually fucks up the patient assistance program drugs.  So I go to CVS yesterday and have them transfer it over.  At this point, I have an extra two coupons that are good for new or transferred scrips, courtesy of my mom.  I went back this morning to pick up my syringes, looks like I have the correct amount or syringes and the pharm tech was about to do my transaction and... NO FUCKING GIFT CARDS.  I'm told they are transferring some from another store this afternoon and they will call me when they get them.  At this point, I'm not really upset.  In fact, I'm about to bust out laughing because some force somewhere wants to punish me for pharmacy-hopping.  I'm pretty broke and not really working and I want my free money dammit!

Thankfully the CVS is close enough to be in walking distance, so I don't care too much about going back.  In fact, if I go pretty much anywhere, I have to pass right by it, so it's never really a trip to go.

But really universe?  WTF?